Sign the petition at the RH library this Saturday 10-5.

A booth will be setup at the Rocky Hill library from 10am to 5pm Saturday, January 19.  You can pick-up copies of the petition to help collect signatures, turn signed copies in or sign the petition if you haven’t done so already.

3 thoughts on “Sign the petition at the RH library this Saturday 10-5.

  1. Jesse – when people are there, see if they will be attending their kids basketball games, etc. and take a petition with them.

    Also, is anyone going to a wedding, football party, or anyplace that has a large gathering?

  2. Jesse, I live in Sandy Hook Ct and wanted to know if its possible to have a petition sent to my address so I can help you get some signatures from here. I am unable to get to RH at this time but would love to show our support for such an important matter. Thank you and God Bless you all.

    • We would greatly appreciate the help. Please click the Contact button at the top of the page and leave your address in the form provided and we will get copies of the petition sent out to you. Thank you!

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