Medicaid Eligibility

“Inmates of correctional facilities are wards of the State. As such, the State is obligated to cover their basic economic needs (food, housing, and medical care) because failure to do so would be in violation of the eighth amendment of the Constitution. Therefore, because these individuals have a source of third party coverage, they are not uninsured, and the State cannot make DSH payments to cover the costs of their care.  Further, this conclusion is consistent with Section 1905(a) of the Social Security Act and the regulations at 42 CFR 435.1008 and 435.1009, which prohibit (FFP) for services, provided to inmates of public institutions. To read section 1923(g) of the Social Security Act to permit additional DSH payments for the costs of prisoner care would directly conflict with this statutory prohibition, and effectively render the statutory prohibition meaningless.”

Click to access smd081602.pdf

Click to access CFR-2010-title42-vol4-sec435-1010.pdf


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