1 thought on “Our View: Nursing facility is a sensible idea

  1. yes I agree a nursing home is a great idea for the elderly that are not a threat to children or families so close to them. WE are talking about INMATES, not your average ma and pa in a nursing home. They can put them in a unoccupied prison and no one will object. Oh but then again it’s all about the money isn’t it. This article can say what it wants, but it’s so easy to talk like this when it’s not your backyard or children being effected by it. Yes they say it’s for the very ill but while they have legs and the know how that they can get free, it posses a danger. How many times to you hear of patients walking out of a nursing home, as they want to call it right now.It’s not a big deal if an elderly person wanders off the property because they don’t posses a real danger, but come on now, can you really say that about a mentally ill person or an inmate who is in prison for drugs, sex offender, anything. If these people are in this facility for life then they have nothing to lose. Families so close to this disaster waiting to happen, do have a lot to lose. I still can not begin to fathom the ignorance and thinking of the people who are for this evil plan. Say what you want about how you think its a sensible idea, but if you lived in Sandy Hook on Dec.14th, 2012 you would NEVER agree with mental patients anywhere near children let a lone 500 feet from their backyards….Sinful and shameful.

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