E-mail Testimony Deadline 5:00pm Today – Public Hearing

Please e-mail testimony to phc.testimony@cga.ct.gov regarding the Proposed S.B. No. 115 AN ACT CONCERNING THE APPROVAL PROCESS FOR RESIDENTIAL NURSING FACILITIES SERVING INMATES AND MENTAL HEALTH PATIENTS by 5:00pm today to ensure the Committee recognizes your stance.

If you are unable to make the 5:00pm deadline, you can submit 10 written/printed copies tomorrow at 9:00am.


Guide to Testifying at a Public Hearing.
Check out the latest Bill Status.


1 thought on “E-mail Testimony Deadline 5:00pm Today – Public Hearing

  1. Jesse,
    I called the Public Health Committee to get some clarification regarding electronic submission of testimony in support of tomorrow’s hearing.
    (1) the purpose of an electronic submission by 5:00 pm today is to make a ‘hard copy’ of tomorrow’s testimony available to committee members in order that they may follow along with the speaker.
    (2) this does not preclude those individuals who can not actually participate tomorrow nor those who cannot meet today’s deadline from submitting testimony; as a matter of fact, anybody can submit testimony electronically so as to be incorporated in the official record / transcripts of the hearing. Bear in mind, that these electron submissions should be done in a ‘reasonable amount of time’ so as to be included in the official records / transcripts (I would calculate reasonable to be within 1 week of the hearing). All committee members will have access to such testimony; the Chair and senior leadership will definitely review all correspondence before a decision is rendered.
    (3) the committee can either kill the bill, recommend it to another committee, or forward to the full floor for debate (what we want!). This decision will be made by the leadership and the date for this to happen will be promulgated after the committee hearing (most likely within a couple of weeks).

    Therefore, our focus should be on a massive electronic submission to the committee leadership within the next few days! I have undertaken the responsibility to generate an ‘electronic letter’ for this purpose and e-mail to all the ‘registered ProtectCT’ members. If they could forward this to all their friends, family, etc. we can flood their mail boxes and officially be on the record! We can also post it on this web site to disseminate it further and elicit further mailings!

    Hopefully this will help! I’m also concerned that the weather tonight and tomorrow morning may adversly impact the hearing and those actually testifying.

    Your thoughts if any please?

    R, Joe D

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