Small Texas Town with Nursing Home For Criminals

Read about real stories from a nursing home for criminals in a small Texas town.

“Robert Deal is on parole until 2027. He’s a burglar, convicted three times. He rides a bike all over town. We saw him go to a neighborhood yard sale and stop by lots of stores.

Deal told Becky Oliver he’s in the nursing home because of end-stage liver disease.”

“It is just scary,” said Kerry Gallagher. “It’s ridiculous the way these guys get to travel around. They get in your yard,” Cecil continued.

Kerry Gallagher says she caught one offender urinating in her yard.

“I could see he had pulled his private part out,” said Gallagher.

And FOX 4 cameras saw the same thing. On one occasion we saw an offender urinating in the bird bath right outside the nursing home.

“I understand people need second and third chances and they need a place to live but this is not the correct place for them to be,” said Gallagher.
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